Creative DIY Wedding Favors

Creative DIY Wedding Favors

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I came across these mushroom stickpins and was immediately transfixed: “what a weird and creative wedding favor,” I thought. Indeed, these are made with sculpey (that great craft clay you can fire in the oven). I’m kind of obsessed with mushrooms and hat pins—two strange interests, a twain that suddenly met. The find inspired me to search for truly original DIY favor ideas that I hadn’t seen before. And I’ve seen a lot of DIY favor ideas. Some of these are variations on the classics while others are totally new and bold.

Seed Bombs

Seed favors are pretty popular nowadays. Most seed favors are presented in little recycled paper envelopes or embedded in place cards. I haven’t seen any DIY seed favors… until now. These seed bombs are made from recycled paper pulp and ingenuity. You can mold them into any shape to reflect your theme. I love the implication in the name: that you can chuck these full force into the wilderness and they’ll explode with life.

Tea Cup Candles

I’ve seen candles in mason jars, candles in bottle caps, even candles in hollowed out apples, but candles in teacups is a new one. Tea cups are so quaint and delicate, and they’re readily available. I always see them at my local Salvation Army. These are scandalously easy to make. Simply pour melted soy wax into your cups while you hold the wick up straight. Let the wax cool and harden. The end.


These animal masks from Amy Atlas are so darling. I imagine guests trotting through the woods, hiding behind trees, making cooing and snarling sounds to delight the kids. Use organic felt, scissors, glue, and recycled ribbon, and let your imagination run rampant. Just an aside: you don’t have to follow an animal theme. Create funny face masks, masquerade masks with sequins, or mysterious Phantom of the Opera type masks. Match the masks to your theme or create something totally wild and unexpected.

Clever Cookies

Why limit yourself to chocolate chip and gingerbread when you can create edible works of art? These cookies are so creative (I LOVE the Swiss army knife!) I just had to include them here.

18 Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Favors

Getting hitched can be quite expensive, but your wedding favors don’t need to blow your budget. These frugal yet practical DIY favor ideas are sure please everyone who is helping you celebrate on your special day.

1. Mini Wine Bottles

Something Turquoise shows you how to make your own personalized wine bottles for favors your guests will love. The printable label is free to download.

2. Canned Drink Favors

Pair assorted canned drinks with striped paper straws and cute decorative flags. This wedding favor idea is from Style Caster.

3. Hugs & Kisses

Artfully packaged chocolates are a quick and easy favor choice. Photo courtesy of Evermine. (You can purchase personalized tags from their site to make this project a snap!)

4. S’more Love

Make DIY s’mores kits for favors that guests of all ages will love. Add free printable favor tags from Lolly Jane.

5. Personalized Tic Tacs

Who doesn’t want fresh breath? Slap personalized stickers on Tic Tac boxes for cute yet practical wedding favors. Photo via Pinterest.

6. Rustic Honey Wedding Favors

Mason jars filled with honey are a good choice for spring and summer weddings. Botanical Paperworks has free printable tags in three colors to help you assemble your favors quickly.

7. Salt & Pepper Favors

Quality sea salt or ground pepper packaged in tiny shakers would make for a cute yet useful wedding favor. Download a free tag for this DIY project at Something Turquoise.

8. Trail Mix Wedding Favors

Make a custom trail mix blend and add a cute label using the printing service from Evermine.

9. Popcorn in Mason Jars

Jars of gourmet popcorn will be a yummy snack for guests to enjoy the day after your nuptials. Photo courtesy of Brides.com.

10. Gold Nugget Photo Holder

This glam photo holder is inexpensive and easy to make. It would be perfect as a favor if you’re having a photo booth at your wedding. A Charming Project has the details.

11. Key Chain Place Cards

Personalized key chains are a double-duty wedding favor. They can be used as place cards for your reception meal, then taken home as a special souvenir. Learn how to make them at Minted.

12. DIY Sugar Scrub

Mint scented homemade sugar scrub packaged in mason jars is sure to please. Love Vividly has the recipe and free printable tags for this wedding favor idea.

13. Lip Balm Favors

You can never have enough lip balm, especially during the cold winter months. Learn how to make your own personalized lip balm wedding favors by visiting Soap Queen.

14. Soap Wedding Favors

Artfully packaged scented soaps are a practical yet elegant choice for your wedding favors. Soap Deli News has the details.

15. Birdseed Hearts

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, play up the nature theme with handmade bird seed hearts. Learn how to make these eco-friendly wedding favors at Intimate Weddings.

16. Seed Packets

Encourage guests to “Watch Love Grow” with these adorable wedding favors. Photo via The Wedding Scoop.

17. Succulent Favors

Low maintenance mini succulents planted in tiny jars are a favor guests can enjoy long after your special day has passed. Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

18. Coloring Favor for the Kids

If you’ll have a large number of children at your wedding, consider making something special just for them. Mini clipboards with printable coloring pages from Something Turquoise are easy and inexpensive.

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Easy Wedding Favor Ideas

    or flowers in a planter
  • Photo booth
  • Chocolate bars
  • Mini liquor or wine bottles
  • Cigar
  • Containers for/with a slice of cake or cupcake to go
  • Succulent
  • Sugar cookie
  • Homemade items: jelly, jam, wine, spices, extract, honey with a honey dipper
  • Fudge
  • Chocolate covered cherries
  • Candy
  • Koozies
  • Flip flops for people to use at reception
  • Donut table
  • Candy table
  • Make a donation in honor of each guest and leave a note regarding it on the table.
  • Personalized glasses for use at the reception (if your venue allows)
  • Small container of coffee.
  • Medicine kit for the morning after hangovers
  • Photo frame
  • To mail later: Professional photo of bride and groom with the guest and their family. You&rsquoll need to get the photographer on board for this one.
  • Bath bombs or other bath supplies or felted soap
  • Luggage tags
  • Unique kitchen items: ie. We love our strawberry corer and our pineapple corer

Having your wedding during Coronavirus? You could make a basket of masks to hand out. If you want to get creative, you could add vinyl to the front or do themed masks.

10 DIY Wedding Party Favors That Won't Break the Bank

Here's your guide to making crowd-pleasing favors your guests will never forget.

10 Special Favors You Can Make All On Your Own

There&rsquos always that sweet, special moment at the end of every wedding reception when guests get their hands on their party favors. What better way to wish your friends and family a loving farewell from your special day than by giving them a treat to take home and enjoy?

Buying party favors from a vendor or a big company might set you back a few thousand dollars. So, if you&rsquore looking to keep your costs down while still giving your guests a memorable end-of-party surprise, here are 10 DIY wedding party favors that won&rsquot break the bank.

Candy Jars With Sweet Treats

Send your guests away with a delicious late-night snack as a party favor and they'll be so glad they took it home. Small candy jars stuffed with you and your partner&rsquos favorite candy is a simple and easy gift to give guests, and it will last them for weeks to come.

1. Search for small candy jars with lids, and buy them in bulk to save money.

2. Pick up to three types of candy that you enjoy. Choose candy that comes in small pieces (like mints, gummies, or M&M&rsquos).

3. Pour the candy into the jars.

4. Buy labels, stickers, or name tags to put on each candy jar for your guests.

Hot Cocoa in a Coffee Mug

If you&rsquore planning your wedding during the winter months, consider a party favor that your guests can snuggle up with and use when they want to get cozy &mdash maybe even the day after your celebration. Hot cocoa in a coffee mug is a fun treat that will keep them warm and relaxed after your wedding ends.

1. Search for small coffee mugs, and buy them in bulk to save money.

2. Get small packets of hot cocoa mix or buy small burlap bags/plastic bags and fill them with hot cocoa mix. Do the same with mini marshmallows.

3. Add a peppermint stick or peppermint covered spoon to each coffee mug and enclose everything with cellophane wrap.

DIY Succulents

Want to DIY a party favor that can also serve as a centerpiece during your reception? Consider creating potted succulents for each guest&rsquos place setting. Not only will they look beautiful, but guests can also bring theirs home as a keepsake item from your big day.

1. Search for mini pots or glass bowls, and buy in bulk to save money.

2. Go to a home improvement store or a local nursery for soil, charcoal, rocks, and live succulents.

Little Tubes of Tea

If you and your partner are big fans of tea, you can give your guests little tubes of tea as party favors. Pick a loose-leaf tea flavor you like and pour some into mini test tubes. These are great gifts that can fit in pockets or purses &mdash and they travel quite well.

1. Purchase mini test tubes (check your local dollar store and buy them in bulk).

2. Pick out a loose-leaf tea you like and get a few pounds of it.

3. Put a little bit of the tea into each test tube and place the lids on them.

Wine Cork KeyChains

Start collecting those wine corks because you can actually turn them into quite the party favor keychain. Add a keychain ring to them and you&rsquoll send your guests home with something that will help them never lose their keys again.

1. Get your hands on some wine corks. Ask your friends to save theirs, ask local restaurants, or buy them in bulk.

2. Buy keychain rings and screw eyes (from craft or jewelry stores) and attach them before screwing them into the keychain.

A Mix Tape

Have a wedding playlist that will get your guests up and dancing the entire night! Send your guests home with a CD (or a thumb drive) featuring the 10-15 songs you were most excited for your band or DJ to play at your wedding reception.

1. Buy CDs or thumb drives. Search for bulk deals on either.

2. Purchase and download the songs you want, then use software that allows you to save those songs on the CDs or thumb drives.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can never go wrong with sweet party favors. If you like to bake and are up for the challenge of spending some quality time in your kitchen, consider making homemade chocolate chip cookies to send your guests home with.

1. Buy all of the ingredients for your cookies in bulk to save money.

2. Purchase paper or plastic bags to store the cookies in. Consider making a sticker with your wedding logo or initials.

A Hangover Kit

If you&rsquore skipping wedding welcome bags because you don&rsquot have out-of-town guests, consider creating mini hangover kits as party favors instead. You can place a handful of items inside a bag &mdash like small water bottles, vitamin c, sweet treats, or tissue packs. It&rsquos a helpful takeaway for your guests as they spend the next day recovering from your wedding.

1. Purchase small bags (plastic, paper, or tote bags).

2. Buy a few items to include in the bags, and buy those items in bulk to save money.

A Scented Body Scrub

Send your guests off with something they can use to relax, like scented DIY body scrubs. They are a fun and unique takeaway gift that your loved ones will enjoy for a long time.

1. Combine brown sugar and oil in a mixing bowl.

2. Add in an essential oil of your choice for scent.

3. Funnel the body scrub into containers (search for these in bulk to save money).

Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Create hand-painted wine glasses for each guest. It&rsquos a creative treat they can use when toasting to occasions at home. You can bring out your true artist and make your own designs on the glasses, go with splatter paint, or simply paint the guests&rsquo initials on their cups.

Picture Perfect Papier Personalized Matches

If you and your fiance love collecting matchboxes as souvenirs from favorite restaurants, then this is the perfect wedding favor for you. Not only do matches always come in handy, but the modern personalization is a super cute touch. You can also pick the paper and print color to match your wedding decor!

88 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Let friends and family know just how much you appreciate them with a handmade gift they'll actually want to grab on the way out the door.

Related To:

Mini Succulents

These hearty plants are pretty, inexpensive and practically unkillable. For a special touch, pot in colored gravel or sand to match your wedding theme. Not sure where to buy succulents? Buy them in bulk for cheap by clicking the link below.

DIY Fancy Dipped Strawberries

These homemade dipped strawberries are simple to make and to embellish. Plus, they're delicious!

Pie Party Favors

Send your guests home with petite pies to indulge in. Instead of spending money on boxes, wrap the desserts in vintage handkerchiefs they can keep after the sweets are gone.

Breezy Air Plants

Even easier to care for than succulents, air plants make a great wedding favor (and place holder) even for those without a green thumb. You can find these rustic beauties on thisfineday 's Etsy shop but can also easily DIY a similar favor yourself.

Dipped Fall Apples

Rustic yet refined embellishments like a sprig of gilded greenery and a leaf-shaped kraft paper tag make these candy-coated apples a casually elegant, yet affordable DIY favor.

DIY Gold Wedding Bubbles

Add a sophisticated look to dollar store wedding bubbles by covering the bottom with stunning gold brush strokes. All you need is liquid leaf paint (found at the craft store), an artist's brush and clear plastic containers of bubbles (bought in an eight-pack for one buck!).

Homemade Soap Bars

Homemade soap is a great DIY favor to treat your guests to. Wrap in brown paper and seal with a personalized wax seal for a decorative touch.

Indulgent Breakfast Kit

After the after-party, your friends and family will be thankful to open up a box of ready-made breakfast. Wrap biscuits and a jam jar in waxed paper, then tuck into a white pastry box and adorn with a strip of burlap, raffia ribbon and a sprig of greenery.

One-of-a-Kind Cocktail Kit

These rose and mint champagne cocktails make an elegant signature wedding drink and an even better party favor. Fill mason jars with dried rosebuds, attach a tag with the recipe and send guests home with some happy hour inspiration.

Homemade Caramel Corn

Caramel corn wedding favors make a yummy thank-you gift for your nearest and dearest. Show off the scrumptious golden color by packaging the corn in clear boxes.

Rustic Bread

Having an intimate, rustic affair? Invite guests to break bread (literally) with fresh walnut-rosemary olive loaves tucked inside paper bags featuring the recipe.

Infused Sugars

For something really sweet, consider giving infused sugars like the ones shown here by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm. Just layer sugar and the dry ingredient of your choice in a sealed container for a few days to let the flavor set. Try dried fruit, vanilla beans, coffee beans, lavender or all of the above!

Gold + Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

These dipped marshmallows make a fun fall wedding favor for your guests. Offer them with a hot chocolate bar if the weather on your special day is cool and crisp.

To the Happy "Pear"

As a fun surprise at the end of your garden-inspired wedding, send guests home with this fresh, edible favor.

Tiffany Blue Macarons

We've got your 'something blue' covered! These delicate treats look just like jewelry when packed in little boxes. (Hello, pearl dragées!)

Sparkler Send-Off Kits

Complete with a personal matchbook, this adorable, easy-to-make kit pulls double duty as both a favor and wedding send-off. MAKE THIS

Giant Cookies

Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio used a CD envelope as a clever wrapper for a giant homemade cookie. Attach printable tags and seal envelopes with decorative twine for favors that both music lovers and cookie monsters will appreciate.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Remove the outer wrappers of store-bought candy bars and cover in gold crepe paper. Then wrap our printable wrappers around the bar and secure with double-sided tape at the back. Embellish with paper rosebuds from craft stores for an unexpected 3D touch.

Puppy Treats for Dog Lovers

Don't forget the fur kids! Send your pet-loving guests home with a pretty bag of custom dog treats. For your friends who don&rsquot have dogs? Put some human goodies out for them to take home.

S'more Kits

S&rsquomores are easy and budget-friendly wedding favors that are perfect for a wedding any time of the year. Combine the classic s'more ingredients of a marshmallow and chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham crackers and place in a cellophane bag for a treat your guests are sure to love.

Tins of Lip Balm

Whenever your friends and family clink glasses at the reception, it's customary to kiss. Make sure your lips &mdash and the lips of your loved ones &mdash are smoochable by giving out DIY lip balm as a favor. You can make a plain version for the gents and add a little pigment for the ladies. Add custom stickers to tin lids and they're ready to go.

Pass the Preserves

For a Southern affair, skip the candy bar and opt for sweet jams and other preserves. Peach jam was a major hit at this Georgia wedding.

Coffee Jars

You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love a jar of fresh-roasted coffee beans. MAKE THIS + GET THE FREE PRINTABLE

More Cowbell

Get more bang for your buck with favors that double as a send-off! Adorn cute cowbells with a DIY tag featuring your new initials and a thank you note for guests on the back.

Cute Coasters

Instead of dropping tons of cash on personalized coasters (because who wants a coaster with your name and wedding date on it?), make stylish versions that your guests can and will want to use again and again. All you need to make these pretty wood coasters is a dead tree branch, a table saw and paint.

A Hot Favor

Spice things up by giving your guests the gift of hot sauce. Get five delicious hot sauce recipe ideas, plus these adorable (and free!) printable labels HERE.

Sunflower Seeds

Kick your nuptials off with a sunny start by sending friends home with bags of bright yellow sunflower seeds. Get the free printable label and instruction card below.

Hot Chocolate To-Go

For a fall or winter wedding, treat guests to a hot chocolate kit on their way out the door. Bulk packets of Swiss Miss can be presented in a variety of cute ways such as in disposable coffee cups, cellophane baggies or paper sacks with peppermint sticks and marshmallows.

Beautiful Fresh Cuts

These sweet mini arrangements can be used as place settings or as extra wedding decor. Just be sure to let your guests know they can take them home when they leave.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

This DIY from HonestlyYUM is one gift that your friends won&rsquot be expecting. Inexpensive, inventive and useful, these coffee filter tea sachets are hand-cut and sewn, and filled with your choice of loose tea. GET THE STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS

For the Kids

Small packs of crayons and sturdy clipboards are in abundance at the dollar store. So why not transform them into kid-friendly favors with the help of some twine and our free, downloadable coloring sheets ? Place a basket full of these fun coloring packages on the kid's table or favor display for instant fun.

Infused Simple Syrups

These sweet treats are a great way to punch up any beverage and will look super pretty on the favor table.

Apple Butter Jars

Spread the love with tiny jars of homemade apple butter. You can even include the recipe as a sweet bonus.

Tunes for the Road

Guests can remember your special day with a playlist loaded with songs from your reception or songs that hold special meaning to you and your S.O. Load songs onto a CD or USB drive decorated with a custom label.

Infused Liquors

As easy as mixing together a few common kitchen ingredients with standard liquors, these three festive flavors make delicious party favors. For guests 21 and over, of course.

DIY Essential Oils

Due to their many health, beauty and culinary uses, these fragrant oils are all the rage right now. Make your own from olive oil and plants from the garden and adorn with a tag customized to your wedding.

Family Recipe

Make your guests feel like part of the family by gifting them an heirloom recipe. Leave one at each place setting, or include in a gift bag with another small favor.

Spread the Love, Plant Some Seeds

We love the idea of displaying take-home wildflower seeds in an old wheelbarrow with a cute sign.

Magnets for Your New Adventure

Use old, unused maps to make these cute and easy map magnets. For a personal touch, make them from a map of the bride and groom's hometown or state.

Sew Cute

These delightful DIY sewing kits are so simple to make, and they are great to keep in a purse or car for fashion emergencies. MAKE IT

I'm Nuts About You

Make custom trail mix packaged in mason jars. Depending on your type of party, include healthy, savory or sweet ingredients. One mix could include yogurt-covered pretzels, jelly beans, raw cashews, walnuts and white chocolate popcorn. Another could be a mix of roasted almonds and walnuts, caramel popcorn, M&Ms and peanut-butter filled pretzels. Download the fun labels and print them on colored paper. The template perfectly fits a 16-ounce jar. One label reads &ldquoIt&rsquos time to get nuts&rdquo and the other reads &ldquoI&rsquom nuts about you&rdquo .

Cotton Candy

Send guests home with a nostalgic treat. Simply string a clothesline with bags of delicious cotton candy and a sweet note. Photo courtesy of Tim Robison Creative.

Mini LP Coasters

Share your love of music with your guests by turning mini LPs into drink coasters. Search for small vinyl albums or toy albums approximately 4 inches in diameter. Choose an assortment of colors for a playful look, or choose albums with the same coloring for a more cohesive feel. Go one step further and print custom sticker labels featuring the couple's names and wedding date.

Champagne Flute Cookies

If you want your cookies to ooze subtle sophistication, bake these champagne flute-shaped treats for your black-tie soiree. The whimsical cardboard tags might even help get the party started.

Treats for Tots

Don't forget the kiddos! Send little ones home with a personalized to-go box full of goodies.

Herbal Lotion Bars

Use the fresh herbs growing in your garden to make these lush herbal lotion bars. Wrap the finished bars in tissue paper, twine and fresh herbs for a tasteful presentation.

Mocha Magic

For a favor your guests will be anxious to use, make your own mocha latte mix in super cute test tubes. MAKE THIS + GET THE FREE PRINTABLE

Candy Kit Bottles

Give just the right amount of something sweet by filling small glass vials with various candies. Nerds, Sour Worms and Snowcaps are great options for catering to different candy preferences.

Bubbles for Kids

Bubbles for Adults

Mini champagne bottles make adorable adult-only favors. Wrap each bottle with a rectangle of printable scrapbook paper and add a personalized tag to the front. Just download our templates and add your text using word processing software. And don't forget the paper straw!

Beer Pong Favors

Make these beer-tastic favors in a snap using: one beer, three red Solo cups, three Ping-Pong balls , a cellophane bag and electrical tape. Print our free beer pong kit labels onto sticker paper, cut out and place onto the cup.

Dahlia Bulbs

Green up your party guests' thumbs with these take-home surprises that truly are the gift that keeps giving. Following the free, downloadable instructions, your guests can plant these pre-packaged dahlia bulbs for an abundance of beautiful blooms.

Our Favorite Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors

Before I disappoint any of you, let me get this off my chest: I’m not a huge fan of food wedding favors. Yes, I know it’s one of the easier wedding favors to to have, but cake pops, stale cookies, candies, mints, and any other food that comes wrapped in plastic just doesn’t seem fun to me. One exception to my “no food” rule is doughnuts, Yes, doughnuts. I think a small, two doughnut box of Krispy Kremes is enough to get any wedding guest excited. At 1 in the morning, NOTHING tastes better than that sugary glaze. But that’s where I draw the line, sorry to say.

While you’re trying to think of wedding favors that might be good for your guests, just remember to keep these key points in mind:

  • Wedding favors should be unisex. Meaning there’s no point in handing out pink hankies for every guest unless you’re only inviting women.
  • Wedding favors have to travel home with people, so make sure guests will be able to fly with them or travel a long distance in their car (IE: should be under 3.4 oz. should not be perishable, unless they’re meant to be eaten that night).
  • You should have a wedding favor for every guest, so make sure to keep that in mind when considering cost.

With that said, here are a few unique wedding favors we love:

Coasters: Who doesn’t need a cute coaster for home? We love the idea of not making your wedding date/names too obvious on them. For example, we like the way one couple put their wedding info on the back of the tile coaster. That way your guests can use them at home without it feeling too hokey.

Luggage Tags: While they are the most expensive wedding favor option on the list, personalize luggage tags for each wedding guest is a useful and thoughtful gift that they will definitely use again.

Hangover Kit: Even though not all guests will use this, it’s a super appreciated morning-after gift that will definitely come in handy.

Ornaments: Like with the coasters, if you make the ornament less focused on your wedding and more about the gift itself, guests will most likely love the idea of using these for years to come (like getting a souvenir on a vacation!).

One thing to remember is that even though wedding favors are fun and great to have, if you’re on a tight budget they are one of the first things you should eliminate. You can take the time, effort, and money you were going to spend on unique wedding favors and instead put that towards another wedding necessity.

DIY Easy Wedding Favors under 1$

Looking for affordable wedding favors? Want to add a personal touch and save money at the same time? Check out these DIY Easy Wedding Favors under 1$. Brides on a budget are always looking for inexpensive ideas for personalized wedding favors. With a little imagination, a couple of low-cost supplies and a few hours, you can create these adorable items. Your friends and family will love to take these home as a memento of your special occasion. Check out these easy unique DIY wedding favor ideas for cheap! Make wedding favors that your guests will enjoy and appreciate.

** Updated! I found the cutest unique Modern wedding votives that can double as wedding favors. Set of 12 from Rebel Villa, they do bulk discounts! Just email them at [email protected] and they will give you a great price

I also found a few websites where you can purchase low price favors, check out WeddingBeeBliss and ExclusivelyWeddings. Another quick tip… I highly suggest Ewedding.com if you are going to create a wedding website. My husband and I used this site for our wedding and it was GREAT!

Visit HERE at Liagriffith.com. These matchstick wedding favors are really cute and not much work involved. Simply print the PDF to sticker paper, cut and place over matches. Cheap alternative to buying custom matches on etsy or other sites.

Idea credit can be found HERE at blog.bridesmaid.com. These Lollipop picture favors are so darn cute and creative! I love it! Size your picture small (4࡫.25) so you can fit four on a page, then print at an online printer such as 123print.com or zazzle.com . Staples charges 75 cents to print full color on cardstock per page…. that is less then 20cents a card! You just visit their website, upload image, place order and pick up within a day (they will call you).

Instructions can be found HERE at Intimateweddings.com. These DIY Wedding magnet favors are my favorites. Everyone could use a magnet on their fridge. I am always stacking 2-3 things under one magnet and would love to get these as a wedding favor! They are easy and you can customize them however you want. Easily purchase the clear tiles from Amazon along with the magnets. DIY instructions can be found HERE at Intimateweddings.com and the instructions on how to make the packaging can be found HERE at Intimate Weddings as well.

I love me some smores, who doesn’t? Kids and adults will love to take home these smore wedding favors! I always appreciate edible favors because people really do enjoy eating them the next day. You could also do a Smore Favor bar, but I really like the pre-packaged idea. Purchase the small bags and twine from amazon, even the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers can all be ordered from amazon for super cheap. Find free smore printable tags HERE and HERE. For the instructions and original post visit HERE at Weddingdesignanarchy.com.

You can fill these little bags with anything but I like the idea of using potpourri that your guests can place anywhere in their house. You can use a small muslin bag, a love stamp and tie the top with contrast ribbon in your wedding colors as well. Visit HERE at Clearandsimplestampsonline.com for tutorial. HERE is a great tutorial on alternative paper cone packaging for potpourri.

These might take a little more work but I think the final product is really nice. These are unique and everyone uses tea lights. Whenever I have people over to my house I like to dim the lights and have a lot of candles lit, makes my house feel so much more inviting. Your guests will love to have these cute little tea lights. Visit HERE. at somethingturquoise.com.

Visit HERE at myownlabels.com. These tissue wrapped candy wedding favors are simple, small and cute. You can do this with any of your favorite candies but featured on this post are smarties wrapped in tissue paper and add an oval label. These wedding favors are really easy to make!

Visit HERE at Intimateweddings.com. These paper fortune cookies are great. They might be more time consuming then other favors but they are also very low cost. Paper and paper clip. You could also make these out of a thick fabric like felt which would be really fun as well, see that tutorial HERE

Visit the image HERE on the Knot.com, warning you have to sign in. YUMMY, macaron wrapped wedding favor! You can use ANY affordable cookie and pull wrap around cookies, then tie off with some ribbon. You will need to print stickers at home or from local printer but it should not cost much. Another idea is to find a printable gift tag online (google printable gift tag or printable wedding favor tag) then cut them out (using paper cutter at staples or any print shop) and hang from the favor. For printable ideas look HERE, HERE and HERE

Visit the image HERE for these Cookie wrapped wedding favors. I’m sad to say that i could not locate the owner of this idea or the tutorial, it was an image uploaded to pinterest. It looks like you could easily print the top portion on cardstock (at home or any local printer) and staple over any small bag you can find at a craft store. Cute and easy

I hope you enjoyed this round up of budget friendly, low cost DIY wedding favors under 1$. If you have any other ideas or would like to contribute your own links and ideas please comment below!

29 DIY Winter Wedding Favors for Guests to Cozy Up To

The definition of romance is a winter wedding, when snowflakes + shawls + snuggles = coziness. Add flickering candles, evergreen wreaths, and touches of gold for a warm style that’ll make you forget it’s bitter cold out. And when the night comes to an end, let your guests take home some of that magic with these DIY wedding favors.

1. Shake Things Up: Making your own snow globes for favors is fairly easy, but you’ll need a ton of empty baby food jars. Guests will love being able to hold a winter wonderland right in the palm of their hands. (via Evermine Weddings)

2. Break Out the Bubbly: Start the party off right with individual bottles of Champagne. Corks will be popping before the night’s end with this hit favor. (Photo via Rhinehart Photography)

3. Baby, It’s Cold Outside: While you’re keeping cold feet at bay on your wedding day, help your guests keep their hands toasty with these adorable DIY hand warmers. Fabric options are endless so you can easily find a few designs that match your wedding-day vibe. (via Swoon Studio)

4. Magical Winter Mint: Tell everyone you two were “mint” to be with this delectable sugar scrub. With only four ingredients, it’s practically foolproof. Dress up the mason jar or other container with ribbon or twine, and you’ve got yourself a favor guests will use for weeks to come. (via Love Grows Wild)

5. Your Love Fills My Cup: Wedding favor commandment one: Let your favor be useful. A coffee or hot chocolate bar will provide the perfect memento for any winter wedding. Give your guests a mug full of love, and let them take it home as a favor. Chances are, your mug will be one of the prettiest on their shelves. (Photo via Jamie Clayton Photography)

6. Bark Up the Chocolate Tree: Give your guests a sugary sweet treat with peppermint bark. This recipe is so good, the DJ might have to make an announcement for guests to fight nicely over any extras. You’ll definitely want to stash some away for yourselves for after the wedding! (Photo via Lotus Blossom Photography)

7. Give Me Some Sugar: Nothing melts the heart like a little maple syrup goodness. All you’ll need are some adorable bottles and enough maple syrup to cover the state you’re getting married in. (Photo via Sunny 16 Photography)

8. Buzzed on Love: Coffee: The thing that makes the world go ’round each and every morning. If you and your honey have a passion for good roasted beans, share it with your guests by making chocolate-covered espresso beans. Bonus: Your guests will have no excuse for not having enough energy to get out there on the dance floor. (via Evermine Weddings)

9. Deck the Tree: Spread some holiday cheer with personalized ornaments. In one night of crafting, you and your bridesmaids can whip up beautiful handmade ornaments for every guest’s tree. (via Pizzazzerie)

10. Sparkling Is Out. Glittering Is In: When life hands you glitter, get crafting. Your guests will love these DIY glitter-dipped mini Champagne bottles. Pro tip: Provide cute paper bags for the trip home — otherwise, a glitter explosion may happen in their car. (Photo via Ducky Jessica Photography)

11. Love Is in the Air: Candles are the perfect romantic touch, and any guest would appreciate one that smells as amazing as these cinnamon-scented tea lights. With some cinnamon sticks, ribbon, and maybe a sprig of pine, you can have handcrafted favors done in one sitting. (via Domestically Blissful)

12. Wrapped in Love: With a little time and elbow grease, you can create a cozy mug wrap your guests will never want to put down. Use ribbon or crochet your own cozy with colors and textures to match your wedding. (via ConfettiStyle)

13. You Keep Me Hanging On: For a December wedding, why not send your guests home with a custom-designed Christmas bauble? Small and dainty, these ornaments would look lovely displayed on a Christmas tree in your reception space as guests enter. (via Want That Wedding)

14. Come on Baby, Light My Fire: Give some light to those you love with these easy DIY pinecone fire starters. Display your creations on tiered cake trays or attach tags with your guests’ names and table numbers to double as an escort card. (via Evermine Weddings)

15. “Jewel” Be My Love Forever: Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but any woman would love some more sparkle in her life, no matter what the type. Fill vials with enchanting gems for guests to make a keepsake bracelet or use to craft. (Photo via Sarah McAffry)

16. Love Is Yum: Bags will be crinkling when guests find out you’ve made homemade roasted nuts for their favor. Whether you choose to use traditional winter chestnuts or make your own seasoned mix, this treat will be a surefire hit. (via oh!myWedding)

17. Pining for You: Your sense of smell evokes some of the strongest memories. Create your own soy candles with hints of pine, balsam, and cranberries for some seasonal cheer and to remind guests of the love you and your new spouse share. (via Evermine Occasions)

18. Instant Connection: For an inexpensive (and tasty) option, whip up your own hot chocolate mix, complete with mini marshmallows. Mason jars or stoppered vials are convenient and beautiful containers for guests to have as keepsakes long after they’ve enjoyed their mug of chocolaty goodness. (via Something Turquoise)

19. Let Love Grow: If guests aren’t traveling too far, give them a beautiful pine tree to plant in their own backyard. For years to come, it’ll remind them of your wedding day, and they’ll be able to use it for decorating every holiday season. (Photo via Paige Williams Photography)

20. Love Potion: Add a splash of sweetness to your day with these homemade vanilla extract favors. Vanilla extract is surprisingly easy to make and is a staple every kitchen needs. (via Tasty Yummies)

21. “Wood” You Stay With Me?: These etched birch ornaments are adorable and functional. Wood burners are fairly affordable, and snowflakes are perfect for the season. (via Design Mom)

22. Warm Tootsies: In the dead of winter, your guests will appreciate a nice pair of socks. Thick woolies will last forever, and your friends will be reminded of your big day each time they put them on. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

23. Flannel Cozies: Turn your stained or too-small shirts into handmade cup sleeves. You get bonus points if the flannels match your wedding colors. (via ThriftDee)

24. Mini-Pies: Sure, they’ll get to see you cut the cake, but for a smaller, more intimate wedding, a miniature baked treat lovingly wrapped in plaid ribbon is a tasty parting gift. Don’t forget to give them something to eat it with! (via Jenny Cookies)

25. Winter Fresh Soap: Take advantage of all the amazing essential oils out there and treat your guests to beautiful soap as a favor. (via Garden Therapy)

26. S’mores Kit: DIY dessert is festive, fun, and obviously delicious. Load all the necessary ingredients into the treat bag and affix these adorable printables. (via The Flair Exchange)

27. Woolen Pouches: Between mini socks, hot water bottle sweaters, and mittens, there are countless ways you can repurpose old sweaters in time for your big day. (via Martha Stewart)

28. Hot Cocoa Sticks: Fulfill late-night cravings after dancing and partying with these decadent favors. Your guests will be emailing you for the recipe before the week is out. (via Cookie Named Desire)

29. Hand Warmers: You might want to pass these around before the event (instead of at the end), especially if you’re holding the ceremony outside. For an extra touch of coziness you can add a scent to the fabric too. (via Child at Heart)

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