Potatoes with chorizo ​​(baked)

Potatoes with chorizo ​​(baked)

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I got the idea from a TV show. Although it seems too simple and unattractive, although I'm not for spice in the envelope, it turned out great. The unique note was brought by the potato spices from Kotanyi Nouvelle Cousine series, which besides rosemary, onion and cardamom lavender and saffron contains a mixture of mint flowers, sunflower, mallow, tarragon, rose petals. Interesting, isn't it? . Thanks Adina !!!

Mackerel with baked potatoes with mayonnaise

  • Time: 1 hour 35 minutes.
  • Serving per container: 6 people.
  • Caloric content: 151 kcal / 100 g.
  • Purpose: lunch, dinner.
  • Cuisine: international.
  • Difficulty: available for beginners.

This recipe for baked mackerel with potatoes does not apply to the diet, but if you want to reduce the calorie content of the plate, replace the mayonnaise with cream. Instead of regular mustard, you can use Dijon mustard, it will give the dish spicy notes.


  • mackerel & # 8211 0,6 kg
  • potatoes & # 8211 1 kg
  • onion & # 8211 2 pcs.
  • mayonnaise & # 8211 0.14 kg
  • mustard & # 8211 20 g
  • spice.

Cooking method:

  1. Cut the fish carcass: cut off the head, tail, wings, remove the intestines and black film from the abdomen. Wash the fish.
  2. Make an incision along the back, remove the ridge, the side bones. As a result, the thread should remain. Cut it into portions, width 3-4 cm, fry it with spices.
  3. Peel an onion, cut it into rings, add the fish, stir.
  4. Separately, mix the mayonnaise with the mustard.
  5. Peel the potatoes, chop the medium-thick slices, salt.
  6. Grease a baking dish with sunflower oil, put on the bottom? piece of potato.
  7. Spread the onion-fish mixture evenly on top, grease with half a mayonnaise mustard sauce.
  8. Then put the remaining potatoes, grease with the remaining sauce.
  9. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 ° C.

Method of preparation

Wash the potatoes, peel them and put them to boil in a pot of water to cover them, to which we add 1 teaspoon of salt. When the fork will easily penetrate them, it means that they are ready, we strain them and let them cool.

Separately, boil the hard-boiled eggs (5-7 minutes to boil), leave them to cool and peel them.

We then cut the potatoes into 1/2 cm slices and the eggs even thinner if we have a special cutting tool or a good knife.

Wallpaper an oven tray with a tablespoon of oil and a little evenly sprinkled breadcrumbs.

Place a layer of potato slices, then a layer of eggs, sprinkle the eggs with oil, sprinkle a little salt, put sm & acircnt & acircna on top of them and sprinkle with a thin layer of breadcrumbs, then continue with another layer of potatoes, then eggs and so on. , until we finish putting all the slices.

At the end, we mix the flour with the sweet milk until they are no longer lumpy and we pour it from one end to the other into the tray, over the composition already put, and at the end we sprinkle some breadcrumbs. Place in the oven over medium heat for about 30 minutes, until you see that it has turned a yellowish color on top. Remove the tray, sprinkle a thin layer of parmesan on top (necessarily parmesan, not another category of cheese), cover and let the parmesan melt and cool enough to serve.

Serve with a salad or pickles.

It is very good on the day we cooked it, but it is good to avoid storing it in the fridge and reheating it the next day because it will lose its qualities and will not be as good.

2 simplest recipes for baked meat potatoes! These recipes always save me!

Meat potatoes are a very popular hot dish. Although there are a lot of recipes, every housewife definitely has her favorite one. We present below 2 the simplest recipes, with the help of which you will get the most delicious baked potatoes with meat. Choose your favorite recipe and enjoy your loved ones with a particularly fragrant and appetizing delight.

Recipe No.1 & # 8211 Roast chicken with baked potatoes


-2 chicken breasts (or chicken legs)


1. Cut the chicken breast into medium-sized pieces. Fry the hull in a pan with hot oil until ready.

2. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Peel an onion and cut it into cubes. Add the onion and carrot to the pan and stir. Fry for a few more minutes.

3. Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into larger cubes and arrange them in small clay pots or in a baking dish.

4. Add the fried meat with vegetables, flour, salt, ground black pepper and spices to taste. Mix well, then pour water.

5. Cover the form with a lid or aluminum foil and put it in the preheated oven and bake until the potatoes are ready.

Note: If desired, you can prepare the steak in a saucepan with thicker walls or in a cauldron. Cover the pot with a lid and simmer over low heat. 5-10 minutes before it is ready, add 2 bay leaves to the bowl. Remove them and serve the hot steak.

Recipe No.2 & # 8211 Baked meat potatoes


-500 g of meat (chicken breast or thighs, or other meat to taste)

-spices for meat and potatoes


1. Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut the straws (slightly larger than usual). Cut the meat into medium-sized pieces.

2. In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the salt, ground black pepper, spices to taste and chopped garlic.

3. Add the meat and potatoes to the bowl with the prepared sauce. Stir.

4. Arrange the mashed potatoes in a baking dish. Cover the form with a lid and put it in the preheated oven over medium heat.


  • potatoes - 1 kilogram
  • minced meat - 300 grams
  • butter 70 grams
  • mayonnaise - 2 tbsp
  • hard cheese - 100 grams
  • salt, spices to taste.

Baked potatoes. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash the potatoes (take about one tuber, better than the average size, to cook well), clean and rinse again. Dry a little.
  2. Then we take the potatoes and cut them crosswise without finishing the knife.
  1. Take pre-minced meat (I have homemade, made of pork), add salt and spices to taste, then put two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix well.

The council. You can find out how to prepare delicious juicy meat from different types of meat on our website "I like to cook".

  1. Sprinkle with salted potatoes.
  2. It's time to fill our potatoes. We take the minced meat and place it correctly in the cuts: try not to put too much, otherwise you will break it.
  3. After the filling, place the potatoes on a baking sheet and place a piece of butter on each tuber. The oil will give the potato tenderness and juiciness.
  4. Now we need a grater with big holes to fry the hard cheese. After they have been shaved, sprinkle each potato on top.
  5. Turn the oven 200 degrees so that it heats up. Bake the potatoes for about 1 hour, at a temperature of 200 degrees. The potato should turn golden with a crispy crust.

The council. If you do not want the cheese to turn into a crust, then wrap the potatoes in foil before cooking.

It will be delicious to combine salted fish with this potato, which we will cook at home. I consume products for a fresh herring (you can add salt and mackerel according to this recipe). If you have more fish carcasses - increase the number of products proportionally.

  1. We take a fresh fish, make an incision along the rib, remove a thin film so that the fish remains intact. Cut off my head and wash my fish. Rinse under running water, wipe it with paper towels to dry.
  2. Along the ridge, where the incision is made, we make indentations with a knife, so that it is possible to divide the fish into fillets. Remove the ridge and select small bones.
  3. Take the fillet, transfer to a plate and sprinkle with salt on both sides. Cover with clinging foil and leave for 40 minutes.
  4. Then take 2 onions, cut into rings and spread in a deep bowl. Cover and set aside.
  5. During this time, our fish insisted, remove the film, remove the fillet and rinse under running water. Then wipe each thread with a paper towel.
  6. Cut our fillet into 1.5 cm slices.
  7. Take a prepared jar: place the chopped onion and fish in layers on the bottom of the jar.
  8. Pour the sunflower oil into the jar so that the fish is lightly covered with it.
  9. Put in the fridge for 3 hours. After this time - the fish is ready to serve.

So I boiled potatoes in the oven with cheese - just a jump. It turned out so fragile, juicy and fragrant. The most important thing is that it is very healthy: ripe potatoes contain a lot of goods for human health. We serve baked potatoes with slices of pickled fish - a wonderful dinner is prepared for the whole family. Welcome to the "I love to cook" website for new recipes for simple and tasty dishes.

Salmon with harissa

He also often makes this salmon with harissa, which we eat with plain rice or with rice with parsley and olive oil. Salmon has about 420 calories , and parsley rice has about 123 calories . We often use it as a side dish because it is very tasty. Put 50 g of basmati rice Mihai, 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and parsley to your heart's content.

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. Cut the vegetables into thin, thin slices.
  3. Throw in a bowl of melted coconut oil. Sprinkle with sea salt, black pepper, onion powder and garlic.
  4. Bake on a baking sheet with parchment paper in the oven for 40 minutes at 425 F.
  5. Soak the honey mustard

When you want a healthy alternative to french fries, it's normal to bake french fries, so french fries recipe with sweet potatoes. But it's nice to change things up and try something new, and baked french fries do the trick.

There are no potatoes in sight here. Instead, you'll cook a delicious mix of mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, carrots and rutabaga to fight cancer. This colorful mixture of root vegetables means a lot of different flavors, which complement each other, providing a number of nutrients. These french fries are perfect to serve with burgers or just to taste as a snack.

Start by preheating the oven to 425 F and cut the vegetables into long, thin slices. You want them to be more uniform, so they look more like "fries." Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Sprinkle the vegetables with coconut oil or ghee. When cooked on a long time, these stable oils are a better choice than olive oil. Sprinkle the french fries with seasoning and place it on the baking sheet. Then place the sheet in the oven and bake for about 40 minutes, turning the vegetables in half, to make sure all the parts are browned evenly. These are all there are for these french fries.

The mixture of crispy, salty and sweet carrots is a delight for the taste buds. You can also vary the spices depending on what you serve - a smoked paprika would be tasty, just like a curry version. Serve this to any food eater who is not a fan of vegetables. They will love this!

Baked potatoes with mushrooms. Simple and delicious recipe

Baked potatoes with mushrooms, a simple and delicious combination, easy to prepare, which can be served as such or garnish.

We just need a little time to prepare the ingredients. Then we put them together in a heat-resistant form and put them in the oven.

The simpler and easier it is to prepare, the better it turns out.

And an even simpler recipe, also with potatoes and very tasty recipe for baked potatoes

But find on the blog an interesting collection of potato recipes, where you can get inspiration from.

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Ingredients needed for golden potatoes:

  • potatoes (preferably with red skin)
  • olive oil
  • salt, paprika, pepper (you can use other spices but do not combine too many)

How do I prepare the recipe for golden potatoes in the oven?

Peel the potatoes and cut them into large cubes and then boil them in boiling water.

Let it boil for 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180g C.

Put a little oil in a pan (about 50-100ml for 6-7 potatoes) and then put it in the oven for 30 seconds until the oil heats up.

Remove the tray and add the potatoes strained by water. Season them and spread them lightly in the tray with a spatula. Don't mix them!

Put the tray in the oven for approx. 15min at 180g C and only then turn them slightly with a wooden spatula. The idea is to form a golden crust underneath, only then must they be turned.

Leave for another 15 minutes until they brown nicely on all sides.

Here is the video recipe for golden potatoes

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Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick slices or cubes, as you like and prefer. Wash them, drain well and put them in a bowl. Add salt, spices, sliced ​​garlic, chopped parsley and oil.

Stir very well to cover all the potatoes and transfer them to a large tray, so that they do not overlap.

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C and bake the potatoes for about 40 minutes or until lightly browned on top. Eat them hot, along with the steak, or your favorite salad.

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