Grilled pork loin without pickling

Grilled pork loin without pickling

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  1. Pork loin 1 kg .;

For the sauce:

  1. Salt 2 tsp;
  2. Ground black pepper 2 tsp;
  3. Seasoning for meat to taste / optional;
  4. Olive oil (can be sunflower) 8 tbsp.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


board, knife, saucepan, brush, grill, barbecue.


We divide fresh and pure loin into uniform steaks (in our case, 5 pieces turned out). We mix the ingredients for the sauce in a dish convenient for you, add olive oil and mix thoroughly. We cook the loin on the grill and on the grill. We prepare coals from wood of fruit trees, it is possible from oak, birch and alder firewood. After the wood has burned out, lay the steaks evenly on the wire rack. Place the lattice on the grill so that it is convenient to turn it over during cooking. Throughout the whole process of frying, carefully coat the meat with the sauce using a silicone brush on both sides until fully cooked. Cooking time depends on the thickness and quality of the sliced ​​steaks.
Enjoy your meal!


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