Lazy Honey cake without baking

Lazy Honey cake without baking


  1. Flour 250 g.
  2. Butter 170 g
  3. Salt pinch
  4. Honey 2 tbsp
  5. Sour cream (20%) 500 ml.
  6. Condensed milk 3 tbsp.
  • Main IngredientsSour Cream, Honey
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Cut the butter into squares, so it is easier to grind in a blender.

Combine butter, flour, salt in a blender. Stir the mixture until smooth. I take oil directly from the refrigerator.

Pour the crumbs into the pan, add honey. We put the mixture on the stove and fry over medium heat. If the baby starts to burn, the fire is reduced.

From time to time we interfere and break up large lumps into crumbs. Fry the mixture until golden brown. Remove from heat.

In a separate bowl, mix sour cream and condensed milk. I took sour cream with a fat content of 20%, but with a lower fat content is great. Do not be scared if the cream turns out to be liquid, the crust absorbs moisture well and the cream thickens when the cake is in the refrigerator. Condensed milk can be replaced with powdered sugar. You can also add orange zest to the cream.

Also in the season of fresh raspberries, you can add it to the cream, it will be very tasty.

We lay the mold with cling film, so then it will be easier to remove the cake from the mold. Pour a layer of crumbs, I do not make a very thick layer of crumbs, so the cake is better saturated. Then pour the cream so that it completely covers the crumbs. So layer by layer we collect the cake. Do not crush crumbs, otherwise the layers will not be even.

At the end, sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top. Cover with cling film and put in the refrigerator. My cake stood for about 2 hours. We take out of the form, remove the cling film and decorate as desired.

The baby is very well soaked and it turns out a full-fledged cake with a characteristic honey note and sour cream.

A delicious honey cake without baking is ready! Enjoy your meal!