Satsebeli sauce

Satsebeli sauce


  1. Tomatoes 3 kg
  2. Sweet pepper 1 kg
  3. Garlic 100 g
  4. Hot red pepper 3 pcs.
  5. Wine vinegar 1 tbsp (can be replaced with apple)
  6. Utskho sunli 1 tbsp
  7. Ground coriander 1 tbsp
  8. Sunli hops 1 tsp
  9. Red hot ground pepper 1 tsp
  10. Sugar 1 tbsp
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Water 100 ml
  • Main ingredients: Pepper, Tomato, Garlic
  • World Cuisine


Step 1.

Cut the tomatoes into 4 parts and remove the stem. Tomatoes should be ripe and sweet.

Step 2

Sweet pepper cut into 4 parts and remove all seeds and partitions.

Step 3

Cut hot red pepper into 2 parts, remove seeds and partitions.

Step 4

Pour 100 ml of water into the pan, put tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, garlic and bring to a boil over medium heat with the lid closed, stirring occasionally. As soon as juice is secreted, reduce the heat to low and cook for 1 hour with a half-open lid so that the excess juice evaporates.

Step 5

Turn off the heat and beat the vegetables with a hand blender until smooth.

Step 6

Strain the resulting mass through a colander to remove all skins and seeds.

Step 7

Pour strained mass into pan.

Step 8

Add coriander, vinegar, uzo-suneli, hops-suneli, sugar and salt to taste, cook for 3 minutes. Try on salt and pepper, if necessary add ground red pepper and salt to taste.

Step 9

Pour hot Satsebeli into sterilized jars and close tightly with sterilized lids. Store in a dark and cool place.
Enjoy your meal!