Sweep away from the table instantly! Marinated eggplant in a delicious sauce!

Sweep away from the table instantly! Marinated eggplant in a delicious sauce!

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  1. eggplant 1 kg.
  2. bell pepper 500 gr.
  3. tomatoes 300 gr.
  4. hot pepper to taste
  5. garlic 4-6 tooth.
  6. basil 10 gr.
  7. salt 1.5 tsp
  8. sugar 2 tsp
  9. vinegar 1 tbsp
  10. vegetable oil 4 tbsp
  • Main ingredients: Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato


cutting board, knife, bowl, spoon, cling film, small plate


1) 1 kg. wash my eggplant, cut the tails and cut into small cubes. We shift into a bowl, add 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and mix well. We shift to a baking sheet and cook for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 * C. Let them cool completely.

2) 500 gr. bell pepper and 300 gr. cut the tomato into small arbitrary pieces.

3) In the bowl we send the bell pepper, hot pepper to taste, tomatoes, a few cloves of garlic (I have one large), 10 gr. basil, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tbsp 9% vinegar, 1.5 tsp salt, and 2 tsp. Sahara. We interrupt the blender to a homogeneous mass. I specially cook more sauce, as it is very tasty! It's hard even to determine what tastes better than sauce or eggplant!

4) Pour cooled eggplant with sauce, mix gently and cover with cling film. Put in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours to marinate. And I will tell you that this time is worth the wait, they are so delicious! The longer they stand and marinate, the tastier !!! And the sauce and eggplant is just a delight! I advise you to cook, this recipe will be one of your favorites!