Broccoli Salad with Pickled Cucumbers

Broccoli Salad with Pickled Cucumbers

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  1. Fresh or frozen broccoli 150 grams
  2. Pickled cucumbers 60 grams
  3. Canned corn 45 grams
  4. Sunflower seeds or a mixture of seeds 30 grams
  5. Kefir or natural yogurt 30 grams
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Broccoli, Corn
  • Serving 1 serving


Plate, knife, tablespoon, cutting board.


Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

Divide broccoli into inflorescences and throw in boiling salted water. Boil until soft for a few minutes. Then throw it in a colander and douse with cold water. Dry.
Cut the pickled cucumber into circles, draining the brine that stood out when cutting.
Rinse the corn with water.
Fry the mixture of seeds in a dry pan until a slight blush.

Step 2: season broccoli salad with pickled cucumbers.

Mix yogurt (or kefir) with pepper and salt. Pour the dressing by mixing all previously prepared ingredients. Or you can lay out the vegetables, sprinkle them with seeds and pour the dressing on top.

Step 3: serve broccoli salad with pickled cucumbers.

Broccoli salad with pickled cucumbers is an easy way to have a great dinner. It’s delicious, it’s easy to prepare and is eaten very quickly.
Enjoy your meal!